Viewing Life through the Pain

Viewing Life Through the Pain

Viewing Life Through the Pain

Viewing life through the pain..pun intended. Life can be very pain filled, I have had more than my share. I blended two photos together; one taken of cars that are broken down, rusted and shot up and another of the beauty at St Marks Wildlife Refuge. As I was working on this I had some thoughts..

This is how we often view life when we are in is seen through the cloudy, full of cracks and holes window..on the other side is the beauty just waiting for us to move to a different view.

Our grieving process is often interrupted by other painful events and when we do not fully grieve them all our life is lived looking through the shattered, cloudy glass.

When difficulties and losses come your way, take them to the Father and throw them on Him.”Throw all your anxieties upon him, because he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7 CJB.

How can we do this? By taking the time that we absolutely must have to grieve, it has to be done; we want and need to do this to free ourselves to see life as beauty filled and not distorted by the cracks and dirt.  Getting help is a good thing, a friend, pastor or counselor can help sort through all the emotions that disasters and pain bring into our lives. Looking back over the past dozen years, I see that I did not take time to grieve some really big losses, they were piling on so fast; it is clear that I have been looking through broken, shattered glass as I have walked through these past years, not grieving then, has caused even more pain in my life.

My first step has been in recognizing this and acknowledging that my view is not what I want, not only that, I know that it is not the view that God wants me to have. How can I love others if I am living in this pain?  I can’t, I can try but everything that I do is colored by the cloudy, shattered glass.

My next step is prayer, asking the Lord to show me how to clear up my view and let go of the pain. I am going to list the things that I need to finish and/or start grieving in order to move past them and into the sunshine and beauty that God has for me. He does have a plan and I know that it is a good one; I do not want to delay even one more day in having a clear glass to view my life through.

I am also going to do this great Mixed Media Class “Good Grief” offered by my online friend Kathy Shaull on His-Kingdom Come, an online group that loves people, art, and the Lord! Come join us for loads of fun, faith and friendship!

If you have walked this road and have faith filled tips on how to get past the pain and see more clearly please share them with us.

In His Grip,


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  1. Diane says:

    just love the picture and your testimony~

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