Neighborhood Flower Stalker Iris Daisies Peony Columbine Drive-by

Here are a few of the flowers that were showing off in my neighborhood last week.003 copy 009 copy 038 copy 040 copy 056 copy 091 copy 113 copy 126 copy 153 copy 171 copy 175 copy 197 copy 217 small 226 small 257 smalljpg 277 small 291 small 305 small 322 smallI am going to create magnetic signs for my car that say “Neighborhood Flower Stalker” with my web info..have gotten a few looks and I don’t want anyone calling the police..I don’t take photos of the houses/cars/people..they are not nearly as interesting as the flowers!  Iris, Peony, Columbine, Daisy – Hope you have a blessed day!

PS..if you decide to pick one of my flowers to use or share..please give credit where credit is due and a PayPal Donation would be lovely, it helps pay for web support and camera equip.  I am disabled and cannot work because back problems make it impossible to sit or stand in one place for very long.  Photography and Art are my therapy and they keep me from going completely crazy from the chronic pain that I live with 24/7.

Praying for a blessed week for you!

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