Jesus with Samaritan Woman at Jacobs Well John 4:26

Jesus with the Samaritan Woman at Jacobs Well

My Devo for today, July 5th 2015. I was reading in John and as I read  John 4:26 I could hear the Lord saying to me (again) “I who speak to you am He, He who loves you and sacrificed for you, you are worth the woman at the well” Living water so that I thirst no more. PTL

Was she coming at that hour to avoid other’s..perhaps…I know that I have done that to avoid some “Christians”, those who put on that “Sunday smile”; who speak with their mouth but not their heart.  You know the ones..but what God says to my heart…look at your own heart and I will take care of theirs.  Just sayin..I know how that Samaritan woman felt and I know how she felt after Jesus spoke to her.  She left her water jarsomething precious in that day and place; and went to tell the very people she was trying to avoid.  When God does something in your heart, you get so excited, you HAVE to tell someone, no..everyone!

Jesus had a divine appointment with that woman, broken and unloved; He was bringing True Love to her and her community. Real Love.  He as a divine appointment with you too, you can read all about it in His word.

I did some searching for what the well would have looked like then to use in my bible journal and I liked Rembrandt’s sketch, so this is what you get.

I who speak to you am He

Rembrandt Christ and the woman of Samaria copy

Packing and moving is on my plate

I am packing to move, so it may be a while before I get my bible page done, I am trying to keep some art supplies organized so that I can do a few things but I find that I am too tired to work most of the time.  I can do digital work lying down as I rest my back…so for now that is what I will do.

Prayers for a blessed and fruitful life for you!



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  1. Hummie says:

    Wonderful devotion. I like how you point out she left something precious to her as it allows us to see how different the world is today as we would never think of something as the jar as precious. She was broken and unloved, and Jesus loved her. Love that!

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