How to Get Started with Art Making

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Morning in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Longing to Create with Paint?

Have you always wanted to paint and/or draw but think that you can’t?  Perhaps you were told as a child that you did not have artistic talent, that is a lie.  You may have had an art teacher in school who ignored you or just plain did not see your talent because they were wrapped up in the one or two who were more advanced and you told your self “I’m not good enough”, well that is another lie.  Or you may have had a family like mine who ridiculed you and art and you became discouraged.  But I know that if  you look at someone else’s art work and have the thought, “Oh, I wish I could do that”…then you can!  Yes, Yes, you can; it takes some work, diligence and time; but you can do it if it is something that you really, really want to do. We hold back and do not try because we are afraid it will not be “good enough”, we fear failure. Have you gone to one of the new “sip & strokes” classes and felt that your painting did not measure up and so you gave up? Well keep reading..

Certain Failure in Painting and Drawing?

No, there is no failure unless you stop trying! You will not start out doing art perfectly, it is a process that takes time, thought, energy and study.  If you want to paint like Monet, you will need to study the techniques of impressionism.  If you want to paint like John Singer Sargent, you will study Sargent and the people that Sargent studied.  If you just want to have fun there are a plethora of internet learning locations from free to outrageously expensive.  I am planning a series of FREE very basic tutorials so that you will know what to buy, how to use it effectively and how to take care of your tools so that they will last.  I also plan to do project tutorials (small cost) that will walk you through a project step by step. (I have to finish organization on my studio (dining room).  Click here to sign up for my email list and you can be notified each time I post, so that you won’t miss a thing.

The Beginning, learning to Paint and Draw.

If you really want to paint and draw then you must start in the beginning and get the proper tools, you will need colored pencils, paint, paper or canvas and mark making tools, like pencils, brushes and palette knives and even an old credit card. The first step is research, and setting up a budget for what you want to do; you do not want to go broke buying supplies and then discover this medium/style is not for you.  So look at paintings and see what you are attracted to, do you like vibrant color or more subdued? Photo Realism, Impressionism, Minimalism, Futurism, Cubist or Abstract, Mixed Media (fav) Bible Journaling, Gelli Plate painting (fave 2), Graphic Design.  If you are not on Pinterest that is a great place to start your research.  Click here  or click on my Pinterest icon up top and check out my Pinterest site where I have hundreds  umm..thousands of art posts stored, feel free to follow my site or individual pages and stay up to date on what I am working on with the art class projects I am teaching at my church and local library.

You need to know that there are rules in art just like in math, washing dishes, vacuuming, driving, baking; they may be unspoken, you may not have taken a test to determine your sufficiency to do those things but you did learn to follow certain rules..such as, you must plug the machine in, you must connect certain hoses, you have to turn/press the key/switch, you must put the flour into the bowl first and then add the baking soda, lard and milk (told on myself didn’t I).  As more and more things have become technical there are more and more rules. Unwritten but understood rules, rules you learned a little bit at a time while you did things.

Rules for Art

Rule 1…Accept imperfection, sometimes what we are working on may turn out just plain awful,  it may be just OK, but not museum ready like we planned. (if it is awful..paint over it) (if it is just OK..take time to think about what might improve it)

Rule 2 …Now that you have accepted Rule 1…Have Fun!!  Art is great fun and very therapeutic for our minds and souls. I can get lost in praise, worship and prayer while I work and it is heavenly.

Rule 3 …Do not compare yourself and your work to others.  Learn to use the tools and mediums and then play and create from your heart. Create to honor and glorify God and then there will be no wrong in it.

Rule 4 … I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 Learning to be content in all circumstances – In plenty and in lack.  Be content, let go if the past can’ts and be prepared to let God lead you into a creative passion that will open your heart further to his wonderful gifts to us.

Think about these things and look around you..what kind of art do you really want to do? Pray about it, ask Him for wisdom and understanding..then get ready for your art to happen.

Stayed Tuned for The Rules for Art – Tools, Mediums and Substrates (what you work on)

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5 Responses to How to Get Started with Art Making

  1. Gina Comer says:

    Yeah! I have so many supplies but have only started “playing” recently when I discovered faith art journaling. As long as I keep the focus on play and worship, I’m good. Perfection is a not a goal.

  2. Pearl Brown says:

    Perfection is so unattainable, it was letting loose a lot of baggage to realize that perfection is a myth and I don’t have to buy into it. I love your focus on play and worship and that is my desire as well. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words!

  3. Ruth says:

    I am surprised to find you again! I came as far as this about 3 weeks ago in response to your blog about taking a step and asking asking for help….being prideful, unable to trust, fear, inability etc. etc. Unfortunately I am not very adept with this Tablet so I may not have responded as I should. As far as I know I left my email ad.. I hope I didn’t cause confusion. I stated in response to your blog that it is me who is the oldest!
    I would love to ‘ play’. Worship is my Anchor. I would like your help please!
    I think!! RUTH.

  4. Jenn says:

    It’s wodfnreul to have you on our side, haha!

  5. Cayden says:

    Heckuva good job. I sure aptaicerpe it.

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