Take Me Deeper June Week 3 Living Victoriously

June Wk 3I really did not know at the beginning of this year long online bible study Take Me Deeper, exactly how hard this was going to be.

You start off being excited about what God is going to do, thinking you know what issues need to be addressed and “fixed”; little do you realize that He has his own agenda and plan for the healing that you need and it can be very painful when your safely hidden pain is probed, pierced and the pus begins to drain…only then can true healing take place and His healing balm be poured into the wound..the balm cannot work quickly and to the maximum power if we will not let the boil be pierced.

We run and busy ourselves with “good” works so that we do not have to be still long enough for the needle to find it’s mark. How many times with your children have you needed to remove a splinter and they would not allow you to, until it became so painful and infected that the pain was worse than the “cure”.  Why then as rational, intelligent adults do we do the same thing with the Lord?

God is good and merciful, filled with grace and love for his children…all the time!

So very thankful for his patience, grace and mercy that he pours out on me daily.

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