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Welcome to a very exciting blog hop. Today HKC aka His Kingdom Come is celebrating the launch of a brand new Faithart stencil & mask line “Praise Him” designed by Diane Marra.

His Kingdom Come has created tools to draw you into God’s presence and lead you deeper into creative living. Faithart tools help us create art with the intention of connecting with God.

His Kingdom Come faithart tools help you exercise the artistic gifts God has bestowed upon each of us. These faithart tools allow you to work together with God to discover the creative, holy and abundant faithart He has placed upon your heart! Join His Kingdom Come in creative expressions of faith!

His Kingdom Come showcases faithart products designed by Christian artists who know and love God and are passionate about sharing their faithart! Our faithart product includes canvas ephemera, stamps, stencils/masks and Thermofax screens.

A team of talented HKC artists have come together to launch these exciting new stencils & masks. This blog hop is your chance to get to see how these artists have used them in their faithart.

It doesn’t matter where you start within the blog hop. Or you can start at the beginning at His Kingdom Come. Each blog has the complete list of participants.

His Kingdom Come
Diane Marra
Penny Bragg
Pearl Brown – That’s me!!
Bernice Hopper
Mary Brack
Kathy Shaull
Tricia Berg
Paula Parkison
Shonna Bucaroff

As you visit each blog you will be given a letter eg. D. When you have collected all the letters they will make a word. When you have worked out the word email Bernice with the word. We will randomly choose 4 people who have the correct answer to win a free stencil of their choice. All entries must arrive by Noon (Pacific time) on Tuesday 23rd June.

The letter to collect from my blog is “P

Here is how I used the “To God Be the Glory” stencil and mask to create a page to add to my Take Me Deeper Journal.

I started with a page of yummy Gelli printed goodness and used the “To God Be the Glory” masks..all three of them!!




I started off using StazOn black stamp and a foam applicator applying shadows/darkness around the praising figures…but it just wasn’t dark I went over the masks again with black paint.


The darkness in my life has been pretty black…while thinking about what I was trying to say with this I used the stencils to add gold paint (Golden Fluid iridescent gold)..YUMMY!

20150618_153737 20150618_155519 20150618_155525

I did not cover each praiser (yes that is a new word) completely, I wanted to represent that we are not all “there” yet, the gold pouring down from above is going to all of them but the bright marks of color are the things of this world that can blind us and distract us from the Father who pours out His blessings to all of us.  I also added a coat of clear glitter paint to give that shimmery look to the darkness since that is just want the enemy uses to deceive us.

I just love how God speaks to me when I am creating and listening to Him, this is part of my quiet time and I am so thankful for HKC creating tools for artful worship.  This kind of artwork is new to me and I am relishing my time playing with new tools; worshiping and praising while I play.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new product line from His Kingdom Come, an online creative community, a place where you can find encouragement, share your heart and receive prayer and inspiration!

To join our community please visit His Kingdom Come

Prize winners will be announced on the His Kingdom Come Blog on Wednesday the 24th of June.

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9 Responses to HKC Stencil Launch Blog Hop

  1. Mary Brack says:

    Pearl, your mask art turned out beautiful!

  2. So beautiful Pearl! Beautifully done and love the details & how you explained things along the way.

  3. Pearl Brown says:

    Thank you Mary, you are always so very kind.

  4. Pearl Brown says:

    Thank you Debbie, I appreciate your stopping by and your kind remarks.

  5. Tricia says:

    Wow, that is SO gorgeous, Pearl!

  6. Your personal thoughts and depiction of them are thought-provoking…thank you!

  7. I really like your use of the masks and the spiritual explanation of the various colours and patterns. It is wonderful how the Lord speaks to us in so many varied and personal ways.

  8. Martha says:

    I hate my life but at least this makes it beebarla.

  9. Gertie says:

    That really cartepus the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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