Created in His image Take Me Deeper 2016 His Kingdom Come

Created in His Image – Take Me Deeper 2016

Working very hard to get lots of images ready for the His Kingdom Come FaithArt Shoppe so that you will have yummy pictures to choose from to use in your artwork..I made myself stop today and work on an art piece based on our current “In His Image” theme/scriptures.

While shopping a few weeks ago with my aunt, we ran into Hobby Lobby to look at spring flowers for her window boxes.  While there I peeked at the 90% off household goodies and found several wooden art pictures in three sizes for only $3.99; I grabbed a bunch and immediately thought about all the layering I could do on the firm surfaces.  I have always been a little frustrated at the give on canvases when I am gluing down papers and other ephemera so I was excited to give these a try. Love it, and it is so much cheaper than the wood panels from the art supply aisle, especially the larger sizes!

Here is what I started with:


Boom Baby from HL for $3.00

Yes..Boom Baby turned into this…


Created in His Image Mixed Media on Wood Canvas

I started with two coats of gesso on this 8″x 8″ panel, then I used a paper towel to pounce on a carribbean blue, letting white and a few areas of the yellows of the original art show through. Next I used the Tim Holtz stencil with the rays and used pebeo iridescent dyno paints in pink, orange and yellow to make my rays, I then used a round Martha Stewart sponge and made circles with it and with the plastic tube that holds it. Old gift cards are great to spread paint onto another TH dots stencil to add some grungy black to three corners, then using the side of the card to draw sketchy lines all over.


Off to a good start, wheels a turnin


Lots of dots, lines and circles for Created in His Image


Drips and drops are a beautiful thing – Created in His Image – Creative

I did the circles and sketchy lines on the sides too!  Started getting excited but still did not really know where I was going with this! (I started this over a week ago to do a beachy themed project with some of my shells and photos) I love how God can take us in a totally new direction if we are willing to go along with Him; that is how I wound up in FL taking care of my special Aunt Pearl!!

I watered down some white tube acrylic to a milky consistency, used a dropper and dripped it down the front and sides, I did this again but did not water down the paint quite as much. I love the different lines it made as it washed down. I laid the panel down and let it dry and came back later to do a bit more.  I knew I wanted to use the “Vatican Angel” picture that I printed out on tracing paper; but, I learned while putting it down that the tissue paper would have been a better choice; it tissue paper goes down more smoothly , the tracing paper is firmer and holds bubbles which can be challenging to press out.

I took this photo while visiting the Vatican in 2005, right after Pope John Paul died; the lines were long and they hurried you through and would not allow flash photography, so I just took what I could get as we passed through.  I converted it to a pencil sketch and printed on tracing paper, as I said though, tissue paper works much better!

Vatican Angel sm

Pious Pope’s Tomb..Created in His Image


Vatican Angel pencil sm

Pious Pope’s Tomb Pencil version – Created in His Image









After the angel dried completely I used watercolor crayons on it in, red and yellow, black and white..(they are precious in His sight).  I tried to give this angel a real mixture of colors, and while working, the scripture from Hebrews kept rolling through my mind.

“What is mere man, that you concern yourself with him? or the son of man, that you watch over him with such care? You made him a little lower than the angels.” Hebrews 6b-7a 

I also knew that I wanted to use the Genesis 1:27 scripture from the Complete Jewish Bible, I use Biblegateway each morning for a daily devotional.

Now here is where it gets rather sticky, I used clear alpha stamps and some medical tape to create Created with. I put it on the canvas and then wrote in black the”in” and used larger stamps for HIS…well I was ok with my “in”, and I liked the HIS, but was not so sure about the tape Created.  So, I sat down with my computer and typed everything out, worked out my spacing and printed it on tissue paper (praying the whole time it printed that it would not get stuck). It was too large! So I sized everything down and voile the next print was perfect.  Tearing tissue is tedious…say that three times as fast as you can!


Made in his Image

Once I put down my tissue paper scripture and “image”, I was not happy at all with my medical tape “Created”; so, back to my computer.  Brilliant, I LOVED the way the fonts were more cohesive!  About that time I realized that my Hebrew scripture would not show up well printed on the tissue, but I did not want to cover the angel with opaque paper…so I put it on the bottom side, you know, the side that is on the bottom. Well, if I was going to have that on the bottom, then I needed some other tissue items on the other sides too, so I fished through my stash and found some things I liked.


Bottom Side, you know the side that is on the bottom! Created in His Image


Other side, not the bottom.. Created in His Image


The other, other side, the top, Created in His Image

Here is the tape “Created” and you will see what I meant..not cohesive at all!


Created in His Image Mixed Media by Pearl Brown Not Your Ordinary Art

SEE, don’t you agree?!! What was I thinking, so glad that the tape came off easily because I had not used gel medium on it yet!!!  Thank you Lord!

Now, here is the finished one again so that you don’t have to page back up,


Created in His Image Mixed Media copyright Pearl Brown Not Your Ordinary Art

Now back to those yummy images for the HKC shoppe!  You will LOVE them! I already have three more projects lined up using some of my beach scene photos! I have been doing photography for quite a few years now with the intent to paint from my photos, I am now converting lots of them to Sketchy and Pencil formats to share with others in the HKC FaithArt Shoppe, if I painted every day until I die I could never use all of my photos!

Trying my best to take care of my precious aunt and find time to do art and photography!

In His Grip





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It’s not Friday, but here is a Freebie

Beach Scene Pencil Full

Beach from St Andrew’s State Park, Panama City Beach FL, standing under the pier. Pencil version.

Beach Scene Sketchy Full

Beach from St Andrew’s State Park, Panama City Beach FL, standing under the pier. Sketchy version.


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