Consider Think About Toss Around Ponder an Idea

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Iris and scripture combined to Consider, Ponder Think about and to Toss Around

Consider, think about, toss an idea round, ponder…that the God of the Universe is able and cares enough to provide what I may need. Now the hard part is laying down the wants and give up the “American Dream Life” to accept whatever life it is He wills for us so that we will receive the rewards He has planned for us in our eternity…so everything we desire for … oh 70 years (right – house, car, vacations, clothes (STUFF)), or Rewards and Heavenly Riches for Eternity…hummm…why is that so hard to choose? I have a list of wants that would circle the earth if laid out end to end and I have things that I feel like are needs that nothing is happening regarding..things like surgeries, car that will get me to and from without worrying about breaking down, a home that is not falling apart (landlord is slow to get things done) makes it hard to really believe that He cares about and will provide..that is what the enemy whispers in my ear. But the TRUTH is He can and will, but we have to place our self completely without reservation in His will not our own and that is where I struggle; letting go of my SELF sufficiency, I can do this myself attitude…even after 12 years of being disabled, I still try to do more than I am physically, financially able to do and it brings me nothing but pain and stress. So now that the Lord and I have had this conversation my attitude must change, I must daily place my wants and desires at the cross and wait upon him, believing in faith, not doubting that He will fulfill His promises to me.  That darn discipline word again…

As I was developing (old film days) this beautiful Iris photo the scripture about the flowers being adorned more greatly than Solomon came to mind (God works like that).  As I was pfaffing the editing and playing around with the layout, the word Consider kept working on my heart.  I am so stubborn and self sufficient from a lifetime of  having to take care of myself because those who were supposed to, did not.  God has been working on me for my entire life to lay it down and to just trust Him, with everything.  I go through periods of trust and then fall back into my old pattern of taking care of things myself and the enemy begins his whispering attack on my mind.  But the Lord is faithful and trustworthy and he never leaves me or forsakes me and today’s devo reiterated that to my heart.

Therefore he is able to save COMPLETELY those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. Hebrews 7:25 NIV

Hope that you have a Blessed Sunday!

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